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Sample cover letter for Internship position at HFW


Campus Manager

Dear Sir/Madam,

Being campus manager for HFW would allow me to showcase my creativity and social skills through being hard-working in my efforts to promote the firm at [.]. Engaging in high-quality work, such as advising Topaz Energy and Marine on its obtaining of a $550 million loan, HFW is a firm which I could envisage myself working for in the future. It is my interest in the firm which would allow me to be a successful campus manager - I know what differentiates the firm from it’s competitors and can explain and inform other students on the strengths of HFW.

I am also incredibly hard-working, creative and social in nature. For example, gaining the […] and achieving a mark of […] in my first year university exams, putting me in the top 10% of my year group, I am not afraid to work incredibly hard and to go above and beyond what is necessary. I also enjoy mooting at university and engaged in the debating society in sixth form, allowing me to develop my communication skills. All these skills that I have gained can be transferred to the role of campus manager, allowing me to thrive in the position.

I would raise the profile of HFW in a number of unique ways. For example, being […] would allow me to use my position to increase exposure of the firm. In addition, I would communicate with the law society as well as other business related societies to attend events to raise the profile of HFW. I would also create unique events on campus to allow students to be informed of the opportunities available to them at HFW.

Thank you in advance for considering my application.

Yours Faithfully,

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