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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Haemonetics


Business Development/Integration position

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Director, Business Development/Integration position with Haemonetics that I learned about through indeed.com. My strong skills in business development, collaboration, business processes, and 10 years of diverse management experience make me an excellent candidate for this role.

Serving people and showing strong commitment and passion in the projects I led is reflected in my past decade of achievements. As a Strategy Intern at BIOGEN Idec, I developed a strategy to establish new business opportunities in

Russia and coordinating the scientific, clinical and business evaluation of these opportunities. As a result BIOGEN Idec implemented the strategy.

While working as a Marketing Team Leader at Lantai, Chinese healthcare equipment producer, the company had a new product and had difficulties to enter the market. Through organizing team efforts I recommended the company a

successful marketing strategy. I identified target customer attributes and segments, developed specific marketing plan, and strategy of how to influence key decision makers, potential customers and strategic partners. The company implemented marketing strategy created by the team.

As a Deputy General Director at ADAstroy, I developed a passion to build business opportunities into strategic partnerships and profitable growth. I joined the company when it had 12 employees. I held leadership roles in strategy,

finance, business development and stakeholder relationships. As a result I helped the company to increase revenues for $40M annually. Because of company’s growth and its continued success in winning contracts currently it has 300

permanent employees.

I am certain that my strong experience in business development, multiple language proficiencies, experience in different countries, and my previous experiences in the biotechnological and healthcare industry make me an excellent candidate to bring value to your organization. Haemonetics organization is renowned for its success in improving the lives of many people for more than 30 years. I admire the strength of your reputation as one of the best and broadest provider of blood management solutions in the world.

I would be happy to further discuss my application in an interview.


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