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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Hays


Recruiting Intern

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am currently in my second year of BSc Management at the University of Bath. As a placement year is incorporated into the third year of my degree, I am currently in the process of looking through opportunities in which to carry out my 12-month placement. Being previously acquainted with your company, my wish to pursue a placement within Hays was further reinforced at the Careers Fair held on our campus in October. I am interested in applying to the intern position available for 2016 and have attached my CV below.

Through my practical work experience and activities, I have developed my business intellect and adroitness that will serve me well if I were placed in this internship role. Through my 3 years of experience working on a recurring event called ‘Project 7’, I have been made to develop vital communication skills and networking ease that will assist my understanding of the job. This job required me to network with entrepreneurs and verbally promote the brand, as well as assist in handling the logistical side and solely handling the accounting aspect of the event. This has provided me with immeasurable hands-on experience that would guide me through my placement year.

I am a fast-learner, inquisitive and can comprehensively market a product; during all three of my prior work experiences, I was made to effectively market products to potential consumers. The product ranged from chocolate goods to security sealing devices to an event to draw in entrepreneurs to participate. These have provided me with the confidence and professionalism that I would need when garnering candidates and representing them effectively to potential employers as an intern at Hays.

My interest in interning at Hays originates from my desire to be in the business of matching jobs to job seekers whilst providing the foundation of a strong society. My research of this field has educated me of the efficiency with which Hays delivers professional talent into the industries of over 33 countries. I feel as though my work experience in a country as culturally diverse as India will bring to this role my international understanding and cultural sensitivity.

Furthermore my curiosity, competitiveness and ambition will bring to the table the drive and motivation needed to thrive in an ever-growing, fast paced and competitive field such as recruitment.

In conclusion, I hope I posses the qualities and requirements deemed desirable for this position as my interest is unceasing. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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