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Sample cover letter for Internship position at IFC



Dear [Recipient]:

The Greek system is the only organization on campus that has a solid community and base. It allows an individual to make a serious difference which is much more difficult to do by yourself. That is the reason I decided to enter the Greek system.

No fraternity personifies this idea more then --- and that’s why I joined their organization. I joined --- to gain a stronger sense of community while maintaining my own identity. --- lets you become involved while preventing you from being another face in the crowd. In the future I want to see --- as the undisputed best chapter and I want to do what it takes to facilitate that.

When I graduate I hope to have accomplished promoting --- while still focusing on the reasons I joined ---- in the beginning. I want to gain the ability to expand my horizons and instill the idea that people are responsible for more then just themselves on to others.



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