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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Intel


Intel Leibniz Challenge

Hereby I submit the required documents for the abovementioned post in your Corporation.

Currently I am in my fifthsemester, pursuing my Masters in University. I am specializing in Electrical Engineering with a focus onTelecommunications technology. Except my Master’s thesis I have almost completedall my course work in my study curriculum. Now before starting my Thesis, I amlooking for more technical experiences to enhance my practical knowledge andalso to work in a professional environment. I have always wanted to have someexperience under Intel, as the kind of work I am looking for tallies exactl ywith Intel’s operation.

While going through your careerportal, the Working student position for Intel Leibniz Challenge greatlyappealed to my interest. During my studyin Braunschweig, I have dealt with a lot of current research topics. My studentproject and my master seminar topic dealt with the new research topic that deals with enhancing the wirelessdata rates up to hundreds of Gbps. I have intensively studied this topic forthe last six months and I am looking for further challenging topics like thisto work on, which will enable me to implement my theoretical knowledge into practice.

Inaddition toood theoretical knowledge, I bring with myself, solid computer skills,excellent communication and soft skills, which I was able to consolidate byparticipating in various seminars and co-curricular activities. Along with flexibility and team spirit, I also learnt to adapt myself to different anddemanding situations and people. As my entire education in India has been i nEnglish, I am quite proficient in dealing with the language. It would be safe to say that I can handle day to daycommunication in German.

I will be extremely privileged to get this offer in your company branch in Münich and I would like to start working immediately asmy financial support from my family will stop soon.

Finally, I would like to conclude this letter by offeringyou my gratitude for considering my application. I am looking forward to hearfrom you.

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