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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Invest in Others Charitable Foundation


IT/Database Intern

I am extremely interested in the soon-to-be-vacant position of IT/Database Intern position of invest in others charitable foundation and hereby present my qualification in this letter and attached resume. In addition to the experience and expertise outlined in the resume, I offer strengths in the following specific areas:

IT Skills—I have been interned in the Accenture Consulting Company for three months during my junior year, where I participated in a SAP project, that helps client to reform its original database management and reduce cost by adopting efficient IT platform worldwide. During that time, I got the endorsement letter from the Chief Information Officer of the client company, which is a great inspiration for me to continue the path on Information Technology and inevitably leads to my graduate program in IT at Bentley. Besides of IT skills, I’m also good at graphic design and photography, my portfolio could be found on guoyasha.wix.com/yasha.

Leadership—Through my role as Vice President of AIESEC (One of the biggest student organization) local branch, I have demonstrated strengths in leading members through example, coaching and communication of performance goals, which helps my department achieved the fastest growth within 12 months.

Volunteering experience— During my sophomore year, I got the chance to join the global volunteering program in Tunisia, where college students from all over the world form our own team to teach primary school students at Tunis, which is a great experience for me to understand cultural difference and learn to adapt new environment as a global citizen.

Thanks for your time reading my letter! It is always my dream to work at a charitable organization as well as combining my own expertise, I'm looking forward to your reply.

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