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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Is



believe that my background in engineering has prepared me for such a career. I have found

research and problem solving fascinating throughout my stay at IIT Delhi. To demonstrate this,

I have successfully completed various projects, internships and won B-Plans in past 2 years.

During my intern at Punj Lloyd Ltd. I evaluated risk factors from EPC contract documents of

Ganga Pathways project worth USD 480 million and developed a risk assessment model which

could help in risk mitigation and save time. At Texas Instruments (TI), I designed educational

content for TI graphing calculators to experience mathematical concepts in colourful and

interactive manner. I created marketing blue prints of TI-36X pro calculators for nationwide

launch of the product. I also worked on a project funded by Department of Science &

Technology, Govt. of India in International collaboration with Max Planck Institute for

Psycholinguistics, Netherlands to understand how language affects culture. These were

fascinating experiences and this is how I developed deep interests and aptitude in management

research, teaching and learnt to apply principles and lessons of management in real life

I have learnt a lot since then. I am the Founder & Vice President, Institution of Civil Engineers,

UK, IIT Delhi Chapter. I expanded student chapter activities by recruiting and training 12

executives across 4 verticals and developing an extensive network for knowledge sharing with

firms such as Atkins, CH2M Hills, Halcrow. I also worked for a start-up called Lucideus Tech

(Named as top 5 start-ups of India (Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2013) where I established

partnerships with media organizations; and connected to 50+ colleges, government

departments & top corporate firms for workshops on Cyber Security. As part of these teams, I

have carried out preliminary feasibility studies, analysed markets, helped formulate entry

strategies, planned for expansion and diversification and compared technology options. These

assignments have involved interaction with people at all levels of organisations.

While the highly diverse nature of assignments has helped me gain broad knowledge of Indian

industry, it has not been possible for me to study specific business and technology related issues

in depth. I realise that in order to be able to do so, I need a better understanding of the various

facets of management; the inter-linkages between different functional areas and between

different business entities. Equally important, I need further training in research methodology.

The Indian School of Business is distinguished by its unique academic model infused with

international faculty and students, which gives all its programmes a uniquely global focus. The

faculty is widely recognised for their academic excellence and for their publications. The

vibrant research environment, fostered by research conferences, seminars and workshops that

draw thought leaders from the global business community, the Government and academia

allows the School to foster stimulating business-academic partnerships for teaching and

research. This makes it one of the finest research environments in the world.

While the study of and research in management is my prime objective today, my interests in

creating social impact and sports help me maintain a sense of perspective in life. I was 1st

Runner-Up in Social Business Plan on rural supply chains organized by Leaders for Tomorrow

and International Technical Innovation Competition on gender sensitization. I also did an

Internship at Nidan where I was the Project Mentor for empowering informal workers by

providing information on micro-credit schemes. I Structure d a 7-day immersive learning

program for children which led to 80% increase in attendance.

I hope my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements of ISB’s research

associate profile.

Yours sincerely

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