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Sample cover letter for Internship position at J.P. Morgan


Spring Women


Apart from my determination to excel, my passion in this field is undeniable. I was fortunate to be a part of the aspiring professional programme in 2013. From this experience, I realised that investment banking is at the centre of global events; from politics to extreme weather, anything that affects markets and their behaviour is relevant to their work. And no two days are the same because every day something’s happening which influences the way people invest. Hence, I am motivated by the prospect of expanding my knowledge of this dynamic industry at the best investment bank in the world.

Moreover, I am motivated by the prospect of participating in activities such as interactive elements and case studies as these training sessions will help me improve my analytic skill. Furthermore, whilst I was part of the aspiring professional programme, I met the amazing Antonia Teixeira whose confidence and professionalism provides an example for me to lead to this very day. Hence, I am motivated by the knowledge that I will have the opportunity to meet more inspiring women leaders should I be accepted.

Whilst completing my studies, I have maintained good grades and have been involved in extracurricular activities. I have held financial and administrative roles in the Young Enterprise team where I scheduled meetings, took minutes and managed the budget. I developed the ability to think independently as well as to take initiatives to contribute to the success of a group. Moreover, the school entrusted me with the responsibility for the design, ad sales of the school leavers’ sweatshirts. Through this experience, I gained communication and listening skills as I took into consideration the suggestions of 150 pupils whilst designing the product. I believe that this role involves the ability to merge team work with being a self-starter. I am confident that my experiences and skills provide the relevant foundations in this area.

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