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Sample cover letter for Internship position at J.P. Morgan


Summer Analyst

Dear Mr. / Ms.,

It is with great excitement to know that xxxx is offering summer internship. Given the resurgence of market, the US 2016 election and forthcoming technology boom, it is a great time for me to build a professional career and remarkable reputation in the financial industry with my curiosity towards the exciting market changes and potential deals.

I am a xxxxx. My rigorous academic training at the university has provided me with a solid background in finance, statistics and mathematics.

Last year, I worked in xxxx, one of xxxxx which engages in energy and infrastructure. My experience of working in a minority investment project equipped me with the ability to survive in a fast-paced and highly-competitive working environment. The report I directly presented to the founding partner was highly recognized and was used as an important reference in the process. My genuine interest in the capital market was profoundly intrigued through observing all the strategies used by the founding partner when meeting with our client.

Another thing that may distinguish me from other candidates is my abundant experience in financial research. Last summer, I worked at xxxx working with distinguished scholars and brilliant co-workers. I set up solid body of knowledge on credit market and financial market behavior and further developed my quantitative skills including modeling and statistical testing skills. I spent great amount of time on constructing a financial stability index. Being pushed harshly to come up with concise and accurate economics interpretation, I successfully fulfill the expectation and survived under great pressure.

With the knowledge and skill sets, I sincerely hope to be considered for this position. I believe that xxxx is an ideal start for me to learn, to grow and to explore my life-long career. And I look forward to talking to you further about how I could contribute to your organization.

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