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Sample cover letter for Internship position at JP Morgan


Business Analyst

I am a young and ambitious Economics graduate looking to gain real-life experience within the sector; ultimately establishing a career in my chosen field. Without ever repeating a year nor having time off, education has been a real focus point for me throughout my life whereby I strived to get a university degree early on. I am a quick and determined learner whilst having no fear in being out of my comfort zone, illustrated through being one of the only students on my course to have never previously studied economics. Analysing large amounts of data and reports throughout the last three years was a common theme which allowed me to provide insightful feedback through presentations and lengthy, structured essays; continuously developing a strong command of the English language throughout. Processing and absorbing data by means of researching past and current economic state of affairs quickly became an integral factor in completing my degree, specifically in regards to numerical data which has always been a personal preference.

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