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Sample cover letter for Internship position at JP Morgan


Summer Analyst

I am very interested in interning with Morgan Stanley. My pursuit of a position in investment banking is rooted in my inherent interest in analyzing businesses across a variety of industries. I enjoy if they are viable investment opportunities or figuring out how to make them more efficient, more scalable, and more sellable.

I am currently enrolled at x University and am due to graduate in x of x with a degree in x. 

I am hoping to intern at Morgan Stanley starting June 2016. I hope to contribute to Morgan Stanley the following attributes which I have exhibited in my various work experiences:

  • Self-starter: I take initiative and work as both a leader and a collaborator as demonstrated at x, where I pitched and started the x.
  • Reliable and strong work ethic: I am able to balance a full engineering course load at x while also working full time at x. No matter what the task is at hand, I am able to organize my time as well as manage any assigned project with efficiency and accuracy.
  • Analytical and resourceful: Whether working at x, for a congressman or for the founder of a start-up, I find new and innovative approaches to evaluate options and enhance value. I ….With my computer knowledge and excel proficiency, I was able to…
  • Results-driven: I am able to identify what matters most to any organization and constantly strive to identify goals and effectively execute to meet them. I ….

Please see the attached resume for a more comprehensive description of my skills and abilities. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with your company for a potential internship.

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