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Sample cover letter for Internship position at JP Morgan



I am very interested by investment management, and the idea that I could use numeracy and analytical skills I possess to generate wealth and embark on a successful career. J.P. Morgan is the ideal place for me to flourish, being a firm with highly regarded awards for employment and customer satisfaction, having an innovative and collaborative work environment, and a strong global presence. Finding myself interested in both investment and wealth management, and relish that in this position I may deal with both. I am interested by the strategies employed by the European Equities Group: Behavioural Finance Process, using high-quality stocks to outperform the market by beating inefficiencies; and the Research Driven Process, exploiting an information advantage gained through in depth analysis according to specific factors. I feel I would be well suited to working with either of these strategies. Though I don't study a finance-related degree, I read about management of assets, and methods of analysing assets, and try to keep up to date with happenings relevant to the world of finance. I feel I possess skills of numeracy and ability to learn methods of analysis which would allow me to thrive in this position. Studying Physics I have had to learn many different methods of analysing information and taking various factors intro account to generate conclusions, through learning different mathematical modelling methods, and in lab work where differing results require analysis to make predictions. I have been required to present findings, and I feel I excel at producing clear and detailed reports. I have also shown through experience working for Lloyds TSB that I can manage my time effectively and adapt to a tough working environment. I have drive to work hard within asset management and feel this position is an ideal place for me to do so.

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