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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Javelin Group


Associate Consultant

Dear sir/madam,

Re: Javelin Group Associate Consultant Application

I am a Cornell University student in the MEng Computer Science program - focusing on entrepreneurship. I am writing to you to express my interest in joining Javelin Group as an Associate Consultant.

A Malaysian distributor, my father often based his decisions on intuition and prior experience. New ventures, such as his attempted entrance into the retail line, fell apart due to misinterpretation of consumer demands. Hence, I am excited to join Javelin Group, as its vertical focus on retail strategy consulting and digital transformation not only resonate strongly with my passion and past experiences, but also with my long term goal of advancing my family business into the global stage. With a management team of experienced retail professionals and Accenture Strategy’s expertise in technology development, I am positive that my time with Javelin Group would equip me with frameworks to better predict volatile market trends and respond to these changes in a methodological, measurable and reproducible manner for international scaling.

As an engineer growing up working at my father’s cosmetics business, I have always been interested in applying data analytics to drive more predictable and effective business insights – skills that are highly relevant to the work at Javelin Group. Noticing the rigid sales data produced by my family business’s existing technological system, I applied an entrepreneurial mindset in contriving a software that creates more flexible data outputs. Without disrupting its current IT infrastructure, I enabled business analytics to be carried out within the SME with zero implementation cost. By following through this project in college to maximize its impact, I managed to reduce the firm’s inventory management cost by 10% by taking into account each product’s expiry date when restocking and devising respective promotional deals.

I had the opportunity to utilize technological innovation to optimize the workflow of various business units instead during my time with the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation (CSynBI). Realizing a gap in CSynBI’s datasheet generation pipeline, I conducted research on my own accord and discovered further complications regarding this procedure – synthetic biology experiments did not have a standardised datasheet format to represent its results due to biological variations in each study. I overcame this ambiguity by drawing parallels with other scientific disciplines’ datasheets whilst adhering to CSynBI’s specific research goals when designing an automated datasheet generation software. This eliminated human error and reduced datasheet acquisition time by 45.9%. I then implemented a modular software design so that datasheet formats can be easily customizable in the future.

I have a propensity to lead and a deep passion in implementing strategic reforms to overcome organizational challenges. As Vice President of the International Council of Malaysian Scholars, I devised a framework to better manage the council’s multiple branches across the world. I compartmentalized each country’s national agenda within its respective branch, and established a central administration across countries for macroscopic decisions. I then employed a collaborative approach to overcome cultural differences by understanding them personally, drafting a guideline and providing consultation to resolve any arising conflicts. My efforts laid the foundation for international expansions to USA, Hong Kong and Singapore, and allowed local projects – worth up to £44,626 – to be executed in the following year. Such experiences have motivated me to further apply these skills in the corporate stage as a consultant.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to further discussing with you regarding my potential contributions to the firm.

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