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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Jefferies


Summer Internship

Dear [Name],

Please accept my attached resume and transcript for consideration for the Investment Banking Summer Analyst position. I am really excited to apply for this position.

Whether through rebranding, generating demand and retaining members for the Photography Club, developing my business and analytical skills through the internship at ___. or honing my communication skills as an Orientation Leader, I consistently push myself to approach the problem from a broad perspective, find the root cause and develop creative and practical solutions to the problem. Wearing multiple thinking hats when approaching a problem or making a decision has now become a part of me. It is just like when I take a picture; I look at all the different angles before choosing the best frame.

I have also had the opportunity to attend a couple of workshop by Training The Street. I was able to understand conceptually about the highly subjective nature of valuation, what drives it and how it can change. I was further able develop technical skills in different valuation methodologies such as Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and Public Comparable Analysis.

I believe these skills and my interests fit well with requirements of not only this position but Jefferies’s culture as well. My coursework in Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Behavioral Finance with my experience in finance clubs such as McIntire Investment Institute and Global Markets Group and Jefferies’s global expertise motivates me more to work in the field of investment banking. This internship position will be the ideal setting in which I can substantially use my interpersonal and critical thinking skills in order to provide clients with the best possible strategies for success.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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