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Sample cover letter for Internship position at KETCHUM



I am writing to apply for the internship at XXX. I am a Second Year student from +++ reading Classical Studies and Comparative Literature. My previous work experience at @@@ during the previous winter gave me a taste of the power of communicating. Working at the company convinced me that I possess the skills, personality and interest to initiate and develop fundamental links between potential employees and companies. Previously I have volunteered for a few weeks as a Student Brand Manager at a productivity application start-up and the areas that I had enjoyed most; analysing target audiences, leading market research groups and working with innovative minds, corresponded well with the broader opportunities that recruitment present and will allow me to make a positive impact with clients.

As a passionate individual I will be challenged but thrive whilst dealing with diverse problems in public relations. Working with Sprinklr will expose me to a variety of different organisations and taking responsibility early on will enable me to grow quickly; I am especially eager to lend my language skills to the further growth of the company. I believe that this will be supported by Ketchum by means of the daily contact with the Recruitment Manager and a Recruiter, which will enable me to have an increasing impact with clients.

I am both efficient and effective within different positions of a team ranging from leadership to contributor. During my placement at $$$, I took leadership in the design of a marketing campaign. Researching the target market, I made decisions on which development direction would permit the most exposure. Communication with my superior and also my peers was also important to discuss what avenues would be feasible. I then analysed qualitative and quantitative results in a trial run to see what was trending with a small group of volunteers from our intended audience.

As a Partner at @@@, I used my exclusive avenues as a current student to source talented final years and graduates. This involved a large portion of time and devotion every week contacting individual students and conducting preliminary interviews. I was also in constant contact with the other Partners to share updates and also work on projects together.

Previous debating competitions such as the Youth Speaks competition, have allowed me to develop and demonstrate strong presentation skills. Our team gave an impassioned speech on the nature of beauty and it’s implications on society, progressing onto the semi-finals for our county. Both my speech writing and my cogent speech contributed to our success.

I am a very expressive and outgoing person. Balancing my university academic commitments alongside my extra curricular dedication to learning languages, has lead me to develop strong time management skills.

I believe that I have the potential to be successful as a Public Relations intern, and would make a great addition to your team and to your clients.

Yours Faithfully

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