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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at KPMG


Audit associate

My name is name and I am very excited to submit my application for full-time audit position at

the KPMG office in city. After thoroughly researching the requirements and experience needed to

succeed as a staff auditor, I am confidant that my accounting skills and determined personality

will make me a great fit for KPMG.

I first realized my passion for accounting while working as an intern at firm1, a local accounting

firm. Here I was first able to apply my academic knowledge of accounting to real world problems

in the office. Working with tax staff during busy season opened my eyes as to how proper

planning and a dynamic team environment could overcome even the most complex and

overwhelming topics. I learned to tackle problems head on but also to always look for the most

efficient method to solve the task at hand.

I was later given the opportunity to oversee the audit of the regulatory compliance program at

firm2, a $20 billion dollar institutional investment firm. Here I was thrilled to be working with

some of the most intelligent people I know on a project largely under my control. Our task was to

ensure that the transition between the legacy program and the new program comprehensively

addressed all relevant rules and regulations. Here I was given the authority to both create the

audit plan and to implement it, giving me insight into both the role of a staff accountant as well as

that of a manager. While at firm2, I discovered my passion for both financial services and

auditing. Due to the large amounts of financial data on hand, I was also able to hone my Visual

Basic for Application (VBA) skills in order to automate tasks like mass emailing and managing

large numbers of spreadsheets.

My passion for accounting as well as my ability and aspiration to understand clients and their

complex businesses align with KPMG’s goal of understanding a client’s business, risks, and

internal controls in performing assurance services. After comparing the background, education,

and personality needed to succeed as a staff auditor, I believe I am an excellent fit for KPMG’s

culture and philosophy.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing this position further.


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