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Sample cover letter for Internship position at KPMG


Strategic Advisory Intern

My name is X, and I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at SIM, RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) with economics as my major. Being in the penultimate year of my university degree, I find myself perpetually anticipating life after graduation thus I feel the imperative onus is on me to explore my career options before graduation. Although I am mindful that this letter is in reference to strategic advisory, I remain amenable with respects to the other departments that I might be attached to. Majoring in economics has allowed me to comprehend the micro and macro factors that encapsulate the world’s markets. Throughout my curriculum I have been exposed to common derivatives such as futures, swaps and options, hence I believe these concepts provide a springboard for me to get acquainted with more complex business structures in the current market.

My past working experiences include working for the Bank of East Asia as an operations assistant in the finance department. During my stint, I learnt how to create daily, weekly and monthly financial reports using Microsoft Excel and their in-house data entry software. In addition, I learnt how to reference from daily foreign exchange reports and applied it into the company’s annual report as it was near the year-end closing at that time. The next job I had was a public relations internship at Flame Communications. Although vastly unrelated to capital markets and investments, the interpersonal communication skills I acquired were invaluable and they have undoubtedly elevated my understanding in the importance of team cohesiveness and clientele relations. Furthermore, throughout my studies in RMIT, I have effectively covered pertinent modules such as, micro and macroeconomics and financial markets, coupled with my upcoming final semester modules, international finance, monetary economics and risk management.

Given the knowledge and skills I have assimilated in the recent two years, I am well aware that I am still a greenhorn in the industry. Hence, I profoundly hope that you might find me an apt fit for your summer internship programme. It is with humble confidence that I am certain, when given ample guidance and training I can deliver positive and sustainable contributions to your esteemed organisation. Thank you for taking precious time off your busy schedule to read this, I wish you a pleasant day ahead.

Warm Regards.

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