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Sample cover letter for Internship position at KPMG


Internship Consulting

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby would like to apply for an internship at PWC starting earliest on May 18th, 2015. PWC is one of the largest and most prestigious professional services companies, which makes PWC very attractive as a potential employer. Furthermore, the great experience, diversity and international orientation, in the field of advisory, makes PWC so appealing to everyone wanting to work as a management consultant. Another important factor leading to my application were the insights into the company culture and values, which I experienced in conversations with PWC employees on-campus, because it convinced me that it is the most suitable environment to further develop my personality. When choosing my path of education, I have always followed the primary aim of seeking new challenges. I am convinced that my studies at the WHU have been the best possible preparation for my future career and I believe that PWC is the perfect place to strengthen my expertise in management consulting.

Currently, I am studying XXX in my X semester at XXX and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in 2016. Throughout my studies and previous internship in a consulting firm, I gained many insights into various parts of Business Administration and I came to the conclusion that working as a consultant, is by far the most interesting and the most capturing business area for me. Among all the different companies in the field of management consulting, especially the strong team commitment, the emphasis on innovative customized solutions and the commitment of PWC to invest heavily in employee development, convinced me that PWC is the perfect place to complete my summer internship.

Not only have I learned that success can only be achieved by hard work and vigorous ambition, but I have also experienced that the largest and most important goals can often only be achieved by functioning well in a team. For over one year, I am part of the organisational team of “XXX”Our aim is to connect and inspire people to challenge themselves and take responsibility in order to start their own business. Every year we bring participants and investors together in order to create a unique event. My ambition, motivation and resilience have helped me throughout my education and during my internships, as proven by my grades and internship feedback, and I would be very grateful to further develop these traits in an exceptional company like PWC.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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