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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at LEK



Dear Isobel Newson,

RE: London – Consultant

L.E.K Consulting, one of the most powerful consultancy firms in the world would be a fantastic place to start my career. Gaining insights to a multi-dimensional business and working alongside talented individuals to develop my skills at the cutting edge of consultancy greatly appeals. I am particularly impressed by the values that make L.E.K Consulting unique when compared with other consulting firms; specifically L.E.K’s social responsibility programme, not only do L.E.K positively develop local communities, L.E.K’s values reminded me of a recent journal I read in the Harvard Business Review which argued when a firm embraces philanthropy and social awareness, there is a higher probability of its employees developing to their fullest potential.

Consultancy particularly appeals due to the need to continually learn, and the responsibility placed on delivering tangible financial results for clients. I am also attracted by the variety of organisations and sectors that I would learn about, through a variety of projects. I have already had diverse work experience within the financial, healthcare and telecommunication industries. I look forward to experiencing other sectors and am confident that my existing knowledge will assist me in providing business solutions for the clients of L.E.K Consulting.

L.E.K’s clients include some of the world’s most prominent institutions and firms and this will put me in touch with Fortune 500 companies thus providing me with the chance to develop my client interaction skills. I was awarded the Leicester Award Gold for Working in Social Enterprise because of my ability to maintain strong relationships. I collaborated with another student to secure a real life consultancy project from a piece of follow-up work, from a project that we had been working on to analyse the ways in which a social enterprise in Leicester could improve their practices. I communicated regularly with the client to ensure our work met their requirements and added value to their social enterprise.

Outside of my academic studies and work experience I have enjoyed being part of successful teams through society involvement. I recently directed a fundraising activity for Khalsa Aid. We set ourselves a target of raising £400 in a single evening in order to contribute to families affected by monsoon flooding in Pakistan and India. We brainstormed fundraising strategies and I came up with the idea of organizing a charity cricket match between Indian and Pakistani heritage students. After gaining permission to use the sports ground from the University of Leicester Students Union, we advertised the match and appealed to local eateries to donate food to be sold at the event and subsequently we successfully raised over £600.

Upon completion of my MSc in International Management I will have developed a firm foundation of critical thinking and posses an analytically rigorous understanding of strategy at a global level, therefore I firmly believe that I can assist L.E.K consulting in developing innovative, efficient solutions/ strategies that will either enable L.E.K’s clients to retain, or become propelled into industry leading positions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions. I can be reached via the details provided above.

Yours Sincerely,

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