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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Post Bachelor Fellow

Dear Recruiter at Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab,

My passions for nanotechnology, materials science, experimental and theoretical physics, and computational materials science make me a great candidate as a Postbaccalaureate fellow. In my view, my greatest strengths that are relevant for the position come from my research and coursework as an undergraduate.

From my research in energy materials and 2D materials, I have hands on experience working with electron and ion beams techniques that emit x-rays, and infrared spectroscopic techniques that can be used to analyze material properties. I also have cleanroom fabrication experience using atomic layer deposition, photolithography, and electron beam evaporation. I have experience working with Matlab and python programming, and running Density Functional Theory calculations with supercomputers. I have also taken courses that dive into understanding x-ray diffraction and spectroscopic techniques, which will be helpful for developing the software for the beamline.

Despite still being student, I hope to help as soon as I graduate. Ultimately, my goal is to become a materials researcher with a specialization in data science so that I can help develop software tools for conducting scientific research and organizing large sets of data and approach problems such as thermal management in miniaturized devices and roll to roll processing of next generation solar cells. Thank you for your time and consideration. Feel free to contact me via email at Jeremy.i.rosenfeld@gmail.com to arrange for an interview.


Jeremy Rosenfeld,

4th Year Nanoengineering UCSD Undergraduate

Email: Jeremy.i.rosenfeld@gmail.com

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