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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Lazard


Spring week

Dear Recruitment Manager,

I am currently in first year reading Mathematics with Physics at University of Cambridge. I was recently introduced to your firm via Career Service at my university and was impressed with what I learned of your culture and diversity. I am interested in pursuing an Insights programme position at your firm, and have enclosed my resume and background information below.

Lazard is distinct by its history. The period of three “Houses of Lazard” influences greatly in the operation of the firm even now. It is not only able to work effectively locally as each office has once locally managed but also can exploit the benefit of globalisation with offices in 27 countries. That period also laid a foundation for the operation based on personal relationships until now. It certainly helps Lazard global network more connected despite all the geographical or cultural differences. The entrepreneurial history of Lazard creates an environment that each individual is equally respected. Creative and innovative solutions are encouraged, benefitting both the employees and clients.

I have always been enjoying solving problems, especially numerical ones. There may be several solutions to a mathematical problem, each of which has its very own charm. Looking at different views may bring in a novel and effective solution. Furthermore, meeting and building relationships with clients are important parts of the job. I believe that the experience I got from seeking sponsors and keeping them informed about my school annual event is useful for the job.

Working at Lazard, one of the most successful firms in the industry, is a great step for me into the finance career. In the Spring Week, I will not only learn more in finance, but also I can get a chance to do the typical work of an analyst. Moreover, it is also a chance to network with both experienced bakers and other talented peers, from whom I can learn a lot.

During my summer when I was 16, I cofounded my own charity project, which I am very proud of. I decided to found my own volunteering team instead of working for an established one due to my disbelief in their effectiveness. While some orphanages received a large amount of money from all sources, some centres for disabled children got almost none. I believed that my effort should be spent on where it is really in need. This experience differentiates me from others as I decided to do what I believed rather than follow the crowd mindlessly. In Lazard, where creative solutions for the clients are emphasised, I hope that I will contribute novel ideas, which I believe to be necessary. The interpersonal skills I gained from this experience will also help me to communicate well with the colleagues.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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