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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Limited Express Clothing Store


Business Analyst

Dear Sir,

I was excited to learn about The Limited Express's Clothing Store's opportunity as a salesperson. I have worked at The Fashion Bug for two years at the Citadel Mall but I really like the clothing lines The Limited Express officers in its clothing store. I often take my earnings from The Fashion Bug and purchase my own clothes at your store as a regular customer.

As a clothing store salesperson, I understand the importance of looking great while wearing the store's clothing lines and offering help to customers. I have great customer service skills and am helpful with customers who need assistance in choosing flattering items. I try to suggestively sell bracelets, purses and necklaces that go with an outfit to increase sales.

I understand how to fold sweaters, shirts and pants for displays. I am skilled at placing the latest fashions in the store windows to attract customers to walk in from the mall. I answer all customer questions and offer assistance.

I would make a great clothing store salesperson for The Limited Express. If you hired me, you would have a person who already loves your clothing line. I have attached my resume and will eagerly await your call.



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