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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Lloyds Banking Group




I am an experienced, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who actively seeks and welcomes activities that stretch my knowledge and create new capabilities. I would make the ideal candidate to become part of the team of professional Claims assessors in the General Insurance team in Newport as a home claims assessor.My dossier of skills include an extensive knowledge of Telephony banking procedures, and a 2:1 numerate degree in BSc International Economics and Finance at Cardiff Metropolitan University.I’m a strong and confident character, proficient at leading by example with a desire to succeed. Passionate about putting the customers first, by understanding customer needs and building strong relationships. A resourceful team player, able to effectively organise and manage own workloads. Outlined below are some of the key skills and capabilities that display my ability to fulfil this role;


  • I enjoy managing multiple projects simultaneously; a prime example of this is the pairing my university studies with the four years experience as a customer service advisor at Lloyds Banking Group.
  • My job role as a customer service advisor is to be the key first, and often only, point of contact for customer calls, providing an excellent level of customer service that exceeds expectations and in doing so reduces the need to transfer calls.
  • I aim to put each of my customers at the heart of everything and demonstrate a genuine interest in their current needs and future aspirations in their banking needs.
  • With my proven ability and experience in a customer service environment coupled with my ability to prioritise work, I would be able to manage a portfolio of Customers effectively and maximise ability to continuously improve the customer journey when they make a Home Insurance claim.
  • This also builds relationships, through customer service, helping Lloyds Banking Group strive to become the UK’s best bank.

Insights and Solutions/ Strategic Thinking

  • My ability to further my understanding the financial banking industry and to pinpoint commercial insights and pricing analysis across mortgages, personal current accounts, savings & investments, credit cards, loans and insurance protection, I identified an opportunity during university for my final year dissertation. I examined the data structures, literature and empirical research of Conventional Banking compared to Islamic Banking in Gulf Corporation Countries (GCC) for my international economic studies.
  • I delivered the solution to the comparison of both banking systems for my thesis by analysing complex data from 12 sample banks.
  • The project was faced with a number of challenges including: the number of diagnostic tests, the different range of products and services offered by the sample banks, real world measures e.g. DOW Jones Industrial Average, and limited information supplied by the sample banks.
  • I managed to support the translation of the thesis objective of the banking sample data into the data analysis requirements in order to complete the analysis, which drew out and synthesised insights that allowed readers to understand the storyline of thesis.
  • I developed a communication strategy with the reader’s, building anticipation and enthusiasm for the solutions by keeping open channels of communication.
  • Developing my own individual research and data expertise ensured my very own individual world-class insight.
  • I demonstrated an ability to identify and manage not only existing risks and issues but also successfully emerging issues, which was evidenced when the project was under intense scrutiny.
  • The strong understanding I gained from my final year thesis could be applied when servicing my customers in my customer service role for telephone banking within Lloyds Bank as I developed a greater insight into the pricing analysis in the products offered to customers e.g. the interest tariffs for savings and investments. Also, the literature of the research into Islamic banking has increased my consultancy approach to my customers that have Islamic products with Lloyds Bank, so I can build a greater customer clientele.
  • which is due to become a huge phenomenon to UK retail banking I believe in the near future.

Customer Excellence

  • To contribute to the Lloyds Banking Group Contact Centre Balanced Scorecard, my workplace recognition assessments such as Call Marking and Voice of Your Customer (VOYC), are of a gold quality with fair customer outcomes, and with positive high rating customer feedback.
  • Through my contributions I have been up skilled as a Multi Skilled agent that allows me to promote alternative delivery channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, International Money Transfers, Technical support, IVR, Telephone banking and Lost and stolen.
  • This ensures that i can ensure all my customers are aware and have full access to the Bank’s complete range of service delivery channels.
  • Furthermore, the migration of HBOS and Lloyds, has given me the ability to service customers from all three brands.
  • This has allowed me to gain great interpersonal skills which works well in busy environments, and I’m able to confidently interact with a variety of different people, in different roles.
  • Recognising that Lloyds Banking Group is one of the UK’s leading high street banks, I understand the importance to be fully compliant with regulatory requirements and confidentiality (including internal processes and procedures), which aim to protect our customers as well as the reputation of the Lloyds Banking Group.
  • This includes the recording of all customer complaints are recorded in line with the Group Complaint Handling Policy and where possible resolved at first touch, delivering a fair outcome for the customer.
  • Where not possible to resolve at first touch, these complaints should be escalated immediately.
  • This proactively looks to raise ideas to eliminate the root cause of complaints improving the experience for our customers.

Delivering Results

  • My degree included the use of continuous analytical skills, which I achieved through the desire to learn and develop a strong understanding.
  • One of the strengths I could bring to this role is that I have admirable experience in the programming software E - Views, which was used in hand with my university studies when developing data expertise, diagnostic tests and analysis.
  • Although I don’t have the ideal experience in SQL programming, I would like to pursue knowledge in this programming software not only, as it is ideal for the position but to develop my skills as an individual.
  • I could achieve the learning of the new program by creating an individual SMART 60 day plan.
  • This desire to learn along with my positive can do attitude will enable me to interact openly and confidently with teams that respond effectively to S&G requests and priorities.

Collaborative Working

  • As the job details discusses that the job role will involve working closely with other teams, individually as a team player my strengths heighten when working with others as I am an enthusiastic individual that strives for excellence in all that I do, and I encourage this with team members.
  • My involvement in working closely with other teams should produce highly actionable insights, and recommendations that will drive business strategy, propositions and distribution decisions.
  • However, as an individual I am equally competent in making judgments and using my own initiative to make decisions.

Organisational Awareness & Market Context

  • In order to provide the best value for the business and deliver improvement in the shortest time possible, I have established a expertise in processes/procedures, products, systems and operations, to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.
  • As Lloyds Banking Group is recognized as a major employer; I enjoy the opportunity that improvements can continue in employee development.
  • This is possible through the ability to use the colleague JobShop to discover higher professions in the business that welcome employees that are suitable.
  • Although, my current job role in the business is Band A, the opportunity to progress to Band D Upper in this role is encouraging, proving that Lloyds Bank not only protects its customers but it’s employees also by encouraging them to pursue their career aspirations.
  • Lloyds Bank delivers a competitive salary and overall reward packages that are offered to employees such as myself including flexibility and choice benefiting any individual needs.
  • Therefore, I value my employment at Lloyds Banking Group hence the reason why I am aiming to progress further in the business.
  • In the last 12 months, I have achieved everything I wanted to accomplish in accordance to my 5-year personal plan.
  • If I were lucky enough to be offered this high-risk job role, it would personally apply all my individual skills and knowledge I have gained from my BSc honor’s degree, worthy experience in customer service, and understanding the business and the financial banking industry.
  • I would relish the prospect of taking on this exciting role, supporting the business in the shaping and delivery of the Customer Experience Strategy and I am confident I posses the right skills to bring value to the position. 
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