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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at London School of Economics




Pressured on becoming more dynamic, the business world has created prevalent modus operandi based on interpreting data processed through information technology. However, making advances requires handling the intricate and delicate balance at play, which entails Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science but also leadership, management, entrepreneurial skills, as well as understanding of business. Declaring my fascination about the complex world of decision-makers would certainly be an understatement on my part.

What kindled my interest for this course was a combination of extracurricular and academic activities. While preparing for the national stage of the Economics Olympiad (after having won 1st place at the regional stage) I became a voracious reader of various business publications. Some of the materials I went through were truly illuminating in my choice of a university course: ‘Introductory Management Science’ by G.D. Eppen, ‘Information Technology and Organizational Transformation’ by R.D. Galliers and Dr. Hossein Arsham’s ‘Success Science’. Consequently, my urge to learn more on the subject was unleashed.

My academic achievements and high school studies come only to reinforce my suitability for this course. I have a penchant for Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics, and I could not possibly imagine not incorporating them into my future activities. What gripped my attention was the applied and critical way of thinking required as well as the constant novelty. Though I have participated in many contests for all three subjects, the American Mathematics Competition, in which I won the 4th place at the regional stage in 2009, was the most tantalizing and demanding. Due to my high scores, I was awarded a monthly merit scholarship starting with 2006.

Under the impetus to find my element and change something in my community, I involved myself in various extracurricular activities, of which the project nearest and dearest to me is Science Week. I initiated and developed it when I was in the 10th form; it represents a fair for five areas in the sciences for over 2500 students, involving about 25 national institutions. The whole experience of initiating and coordinating it not only taught me how to make use of time efficiently but also what it really means to be the leader of a diverse team. In addition, it gave me the insight in motivating people and having the responsibility of creating a success with them, being open and creative to solve problems easier and incorporating closure.

When I started volunteering for the British Council Centre 2 years ago, I did not expect that this experience would make me want to work with multinational organizations once I graduated from university. I am confident that the knowledge and skills such as responsibility and professionalism gained in this multicultural environment will help me in my future studies.

Having received two accolades (3rd prize in a Junior Achievement leadership contest and participation in the “Economics for Leaders” Summer Camp which helped me discover the world of Economics; the Romanian Student of the Year Award, offered by the ‘Dinu Patriciu’ Foundation) as public recognition of the impact of my involvement in the community as well as my academic achievements, made me even more self-confident and aware of the role I can play.

As far as my plans are concerned, I intend to apply for an internship in the planning department of a multinational corporation. Once I graduate, it is my desire to complete a master’s degree and eventually work in operational research as analyst.

Overall, I feel that the analytical side of the management world suits me best and I believe that my previous academic and extracurricular activities and aptitudes I have gained from them, as well as my enthusiasm, creativity and tenacity are backbones for pursuing this undergraduate course, which I perceive as an exclusive door-opening chance of personal and professional fulfillment.

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