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Jeremy Corbyn is on a collision course with his shadow cabinet over his opposition to UK air strikes in Syria.

Half of them support military action - and some have warned of resignations if he forces them to back his position.

The row erupted after the Labour leader wrote to his MPs saying he was not convinced by David Cameron's case for bombing IS targets in Syria.

Some shadow ministers felt he was trying to put pressure on them before they had agreed a common position.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, who backs air strikes, has said he will not resign over the issue

'Unacceptable behaviour'

He said Labour MPs might "end up" being given a free vote to avoid further rows.

That would mean the Labour leader voting against many of his senior colleagues but the party's backbenchers - many of whom remain unconvinced by the case for air strikes - could back him.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell tweeted: "On Syria, can everyone calm down. We're all simply working through the issues and coming to final decision. Don't mistake democracy for division."

Shadow justice secretary Lord Falconer said he had "got no problem" with Mr Corbyn's letter and there was no question of resignations.

The shadow cabinet is due to meet again on Monday.

Mr Corbyn has pulled out of a visit to Oldham West, where he was due to campaign ahead of next week's by-election, to deal with the unfolding row.

Mr Corbyn's decision to send a message to Labour MPs before they had reached agreement on a common position angered some senior shadow cabinet members.

One told BBC News: "There will be resignations among senior members of the shadow cabinet over this."

Others, who did not wish to be named, have warned that Mr Corbyn could face frontbench walk-outs if he opts to whip any vote on air strikes, rather than allowing MPs to vote with their conscience.


Labour MP John Spellar, a member of the defence select committee, said Mr Corbyn's behaviour had been "unacceptable".

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: "How does Jeremy Corbyn and his small group of tiny Trots in the bunker think they've got the unique view on it all?

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