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Sample cover letter for Internship position at MORGAN STANLEY


Summer Analyst

Dear Sir/Madam,

2015 Investment Banking & Global Capital Markets Summer Analyst Programme

I am writing to apply for the Summer Analyst Programme as advertised on the TARGETjobs website. I am in the final year of my BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering course at the University of Nottingham with plans to begin an MSc in Finance in 2015. I am seeking my first internship towards a career in investment banking (M&A) and I feel, with my detail-oriented nature and my quantitative and technical background as an engineer, I am prepared for the highly quantitative and analytically demanding finance environment.

Morgan Stanley stands out as offering the most opportunities through its Summer Analyst Programme such as the provision of real world experience of financial analysis of a wide range of domestic and international transactions and the ability to work alongside experienced professionals on a variety of projects. I am most attracted to the culture, at Morgan Stanley, of investing in its employees, as it wants them to be the leaders of the business in the long term. This was stated by former Morgan Stanley managing director Chris Yoshida and it shows there is a lot of opportunity for professional growth and also the culture of long-term thinking also gives a feeling of job security. Like in engineering, investment banking, in particular M&A, is another way of creating synergy i.e. the interaction of elements (companies) that when combined are greater as a whole, than individually, and this is what draws me to this field. I am excited by the prospect of finding more cost-effective, efficient and profitable ways for companies, by integrating, to operate and provide services.

Experience on numerous projects during my education, have developed my ability to think critically, conduct research, write reports and communicate effectively, for example prior to my enrolment in university, I was part of a team that worked with Fairline Boats Ltd to develop a 3D storyboard and simulation for the advertising campaign of their new boat. I was exposed to different new and innovative technologies in which I had to assimilate quickly, identify issues and propose solutions. My team and I worked with a lot of incomplete and conflicting data but through broad thinking, we reached informed conclusions. I was also able to use and further strengthen my team work, time management and project management skills, as the project was time pressured and involved a great deal of commitment to produce the desired results.

I hope that, on consideration of my attached CV, you will feel that I have the skills and experience to succeed on your summer analyst programme and become a valued member of Morgan Stanley.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

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