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Sample cover letter for Internship position at MacquaireGroup


Summer Analyst

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m applying for the summer analyst position at Macquarie Group. I believe that through my academic and extra-academic path, I have developed analytical, business and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the field of finance were I want to pursue my career and further professional development. I’m fairly convinced that this event will provide me with a better and deeper understanding of management and finance.

During my studies in business engineering I often had to deal with complex 2-month long projects. These issues allowed me to develop analytical skills, breaking complex problems into smaller pieces, and coherently structure and solve them. In my view these competencies are key to a problem solving approach in business.

Last winter, I had the opportunity to do a three months internship at Jumpgate Technologies, a Singapore based investment management firm specialized in FinTech, working as a Business Development Intern. While enrolled in the internship program, I worked on the firms’ entrepreneurial project with other international interns. I gained a deeper understanding of the quantitative side of financial markets. Furthermore, I worked within a team to create and conduct presentations to the senior managers developing interpersonal and teamwork skills which are of the utmost importance to Macquarie Group as all work is carried out in teams. I believe to have practised, demonstrated and enhanced analytical, communication and presentation skills as well as leadership competencies that are essential assets in finance to successfully solve cases, convey findings and strategies to contracting companies.

Investment Banking as well as Asset Management are both challenging and widely varied, two aspects that sparkled my interest in this field. I have always displayed a vast array of interests and love tough challenges. For example, last year I spent a year abroad to get out of my comfort zone. While I was learning the local language I pursued an internship and I was also involved in a volunteer program. This opportunity of being involved in an international volunteering program helped me to broaden my mind and borders. Building up a strong global network, share ideas on global issues and foster global citizenship were the main outcomes of this experience that helped me develop my leadership skills. However, teaching children about topics that they would not care in the past and helping them to lead a sustainable lifestyle were in my opinion the biggest outcomes of this experience.

Macquarie Group is the leader in the industry and if I was given the opportunity, I would love to be part of it, surrounded with strategy experts of the leading and most influential global investment banking and diversified financial services group firm.

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any further information about my candidacy. Thank you for your time.


Emre Simse

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