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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Macquarie


Credit Risk

My name is *** and I am currently a *** student at ***. Having attended numerous finance events on campus, some of them organized by Macquarie representatives, I was introduced to your firm’s culture and I must say I was impressed. I am writing you because I am interested in applying for the Credit Risk Summer Analyst programme in London, and have enclosed my CV and background information below.

I completed an internship this summer with ***, in the Credit Risk division. Through this experience, I continuously helped managers review internal policies and procedures in order to adapt them to the business strategy and issued financing decision for clients, gaining valuable analytical skills. I have been offered this opportunity after performing well at another Summer Analyst programme with ***, in 2014, during which I shadowed and worked in numerous roles within the bank. This was the perfect introduction to the industry, and it made me realise that a career in finance, credit risk in particular, is best suited to my abilities and future career aspirations. I have also completed a shadowing programme at ***, in the SME Division. By assisting professionals offering transaction and saving solutions, analysing specific situations and applying financial models, I have gained numerical and communication skills, and developed my ability to grasp and learn new concepts very quickly. I was chosen to lead the team that represented my school in the *** challenge, and we managed to rank seventh in Europe, out of a total of 397 teams. Having to adjust a bank’s interest rates in a time limit and coordinate everybody else’s work, I have honed my ability to work under pressure and leadership skills. Being Freshers’ Representative for ***, one of the most important student-led summits in the world, I once again demonstrated that I can be a well-rounded team player within any context and situation. By using innovative marketing strategies involving social networks, I managed to achieve a substantial increase in the number of attendees.

I am absolutely sure that my background in finance-related activities, enthusiasm, analytical, leadership, organisational and numerical skills will help me perform very well for Macquarie. Your firm’s innovative structure and management style facilitates operating freedom, and the balance that Risk Management provides has been key to Macquarie’s recent success. I am impressed by your track record of clients and transactions, and I look forward to joining and contributing to your firm.

A copy of my CV is attached to the application form for your reference. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my motivation for applying for this programme with you and learn more about Macquarie at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.

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