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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Markit



Business/Commercial Awareness

Working for a bank it was very easy to get involved in business as that was what we were working for. Our requirements for the softwares we were working on came from the business so it was good to know the business as well. I felt like having some knowledge of business will help me produce a more meaningful work and also help me answer questions about the projects like: “Why am I doing this project?”, “How will this project help the firm?”, “In what way am I adding value to the firm?”, “Is there anything I can enhance to achieve greater value from this project?” etc. I got lucky to be in a team that works directly with users in business. The business users being the stakeholders in our projects I was communicating with them to understand their requirements, getting sign off on things, showing them prototype of the work etc. I also tried to keep myself updated on the latest news as it was a great way to understand the current markets. There were also internal platforms to keep us updated on the business and current affairs.

Also, at the start of the internship, we were organised by a committee to get a chance to speak to users in business to ask questions about different things. This included traders and salespeople which we spoke to about the business, their day to day role, how technology helps them etc. We also had a round table with a salespeople about a current news at that time. He shared his insights on how markets might react to the situation and how Goldman Sachs would manage risk effectively throughout market events. It was very interesting as we were hearing from the people who are directly involved in the markets. With the interns from across the firm, we had a Q and A session with regional CEO of Goldman Sachs International. It was very exciting to hear from a very senior director of Goldman, he talked about his role at Goldman Sachs International, his outlook for the firm and about how valuable this internship is at Goldman Sachs.


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