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Sample cover letter for Internship position at McGraw Hill Financial


S&P Ratings Credit Analyst

Dear Hiring Manager:

My name is xxxxxx and I am applying for the S&P Ratings Credit Program Analyst Intern position at McGraw Hill Financial. I found this position through the school’s career system, and after doing some research; I developed a fond interest in the company. I wanted to write this letter to paint a better picture of myself and express why I would be a great fit at McGraw Hill Financial.

As a leader in its industry across global capital and commodity markets, McGraw Hill Financial immediately caught my attention. I am currently enrolled in two courses, Global Capital Markets and Global Money Markets and Institutions, which will allow me to have an intellective advantage in succeeding at McGraw Hill Financial. Through the combination of both these courses, I have gained knowledge in different currency regimes around the world, global markets and exchange rates, risk evaluation in global financial markets, hedging techniques of currency risk, international banking and investment strategies along with many other concepts. I feel that I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills that I have developed in these courses to my analyst position at McGraw Hill Financial. In addition to my intellectual advantage, my past experience as a finance intern has provided me with an excellent skillset in financial reporting, data analysis, financial modeling, research and presentations of major projects. As a finance intern, I used excel and various other Microsoft programs for most of my projects; and as a result, I have greatly enhanced my technical skills. My dynamic ability to adapt, learn and work quickly and efficiently allowed me to surpass the expectations of my superior, which ultimately earned me a bonus for my achievements. I have learned how teamwork leads to success, in multiple occasions including school, sports and work. Thus, I feel that my knowledge, skillset, team-first mindset and desire to learn will allow me to be a great fit at McGraw Hill Financial.

I believe my coursework and life experiences have built a strong foundation that will allow me to excel from day one. I sincerely believe that McGraw Hill Financial is a place where I can make a positive contribution and foster my growth as both, a team member and an individual. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime by email, or by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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