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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at McKinsey



I want to become part of the McKinsey team because it is a place of excellence, it is incredible the rate of brilliant people that have a past in this firm, it seems that everyone who worked in McKinsey will master his life with CEO positions or successful start-ups. I believe that behind these results there is the McKinsey unique method, hard work, deep passion and the best blend of minds. My passion pushed me to leave my country to seek challenge like this and I am ready to work harder than others and ready to learn the McKinsey method.

I have gained five years of work experience in the healthcare management industry and an extensive technical knowledge through my education. Dissertations and research projects have taught me how to search for resources in the most efficient way in order to analyse, study, and write strategic reports. During my MSc I have opted to take a number of courses that focus on NHS such as Leading and Managing the Change, Strategic Management, Healthcare Systems Organisation, Financing and Performance which have helped me to gain an extensive knowledge of the UK Healthcare System.

As a CEO and responsible of the Business Development I have managed and improved healthcare companies’ performances in every aspect. I have been responsible for all major areas of the business such as finance, B2B, sales and marketing and in each of them I achieved results. I have managed a budget of €1 million, I have cut costs by 9% renegotiating suppliers’ contracts and leading the company to increase its profits. I developed and delivered a fully functional category management project, which brought increase in sales and improved inventory management process. During my career I have developed important key skills like team working and leadership during change process. I have built up long lasting relationship with all the stakeholders of the healthcare industry ranging from patients to senior management. Working side by side with senior stakeholders has taught me how to be professional and persuasive during meetings, being involved with patients have taught me how to be trusted and deal with possibly difficult situations with tact and respect. I have an analytical mind with a healthy problem-solving attitude. I am able to deliver a broad range of analysis, included SWOT, scenario and market analysis and identifying problems and suggesting solutions. Recently to integrate my financial skills at corporate level I added to my skill-set Investment analysis and tools like key ratios analysis.

As an experienced professional of the healthcare industry I am certain I can offer my expertise and bring my contribution and my passion to McKinsey. Thank you for considering my application. I would be very happy to discuss further my application with you and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 

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