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Sample cover letter for Internship position at McKinsey


Business Analyst

Consultancy is the culmination of problem solving. It deconstructs complex problems and produces tangible results. My passion for problem solving, paired with my numerical and analytical skills fostered over years of academic and practical work experience, puts me in good stead for the role of an Analyst.

To me, the appeal of a career at McKinsey stems from its strong values, which exemplifies the highest standards of professional conduct. The firm encourages members to strive and improve themselves in advising the clients to make strategic and prudent decisions. The generalist nature of an Analyst role at McKinsey will provide me with an international exposure to all geographies and industrial sector, the ideal platform for me to grow professionally.

I hope to join Strategic Consulting for two reasons. I would like to work in a pressured and fast-paced environment, which complements my resilience, drive and highly enterprising nature. Being both pro-active and cautious, I take a balanced approach to my work. Secondly, I relish the people-centric facet of the role. It will allow me to utilize my interpersonal and networking skills to great effect in fostering strong client rapport and cement new business relationships

My engineering background affords me strong quantitative skills, which emphasize on systems advantage and extensive team collaboration to create optimum solutions. Engineering problems require me to identify and challenge assumptions, a cornerstone in consulting. My military, entrepreneurial and academic experiences have imbued in me a diverse set of skills and that I am sure will further McKinsey’s commitment to sustainable competitive advantage, maintaining the highest standards for its clients.

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