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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Me to We


Program Coordinator

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am interested in getting involved as a [position] with [company]. I would bring to this role a curious mindset and diligent stance to gain from the experience as much as I would be able to give to it.

What motivated me to apply for this position was my desire to have [action] in the community, and to bring youth a sense of empowerment in knowing they have the ability to influence change. This creates a perfect blend of curiosity and motivation to learn and enforce positivity.

My work with [company] is the most relevant and fulfilling work experience I’ve had. [Company] is an organization in which I have found myself in leadership roles that bring about change on an international level. I strongly believe what [company] stands for, which is empowering [qualities]. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both aspects and have found satisfaction in having the ability to bring positive impact in the [local] community through my position [your position].

Ultimately, I hope to become a part of [company] to take advantage of the opportunity to understand and act on creating change. If selected I would be a credible asset to [company], utilizing my experience but most importantly willing to learn.


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