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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Mercer



During my studies in Investment Management I was exposed to many types of investment strategies across asset classes in many types of markets, and perceived as I learned the kind of approaches that work best in which markets. Mercer adopts one a core-satellite approach in multi-asset investing that I believe is the smartest way to approach a blend of established and growing markets, a dynamic and adaptive method that I believe reflects Mercer’s capabilities in the finance markets. As a recent graduate, I want an opportunity to work in a place that can teach me to move along with the pace of the global markets, and between Mercer’s encouragement of continuous employee improvement and its smart investing methodology, I believe Mercer is the place to be.

I originally chose to study in London because it is probably the most international city in the world, and I wanted to continue to expose myself to people from different backgrounds and cultures after enjoying that kind of environment while living in Shanghai for four years. I decided to apply for a position in London for the same reason; here I will continue to encounter and work with people from all over the world, learning from them and enriching my knowledge with their experiences. I also chose to apply for a position in London because I have developed a network here through my master’s program, where I have already met many of my future colleagues and industry professionals.

I have experience from my position at Nitori Co., Ltd in Shanghai with large presentations and proposals to upper management, so I feel comfortable speaking publicly – whether it be to a client or a research team. I am also comfortable talking to people from all cultures and backgrounds, as I met people from all over the world, working and living in Shanghai for four years. I have experience in managing and producing asset allocation reports, and competed as a finalist in an asset allocation game, presenting a report to a panel of Fidelity Investment professionals. At Cass, I developed knowledge in working with alternative investments such as foreign exchange, hedgefunds, and private equity in addition to my traditional asset management classes in equity and fixed income. Besides my training in alternative investments and investment management, I am a highly self-motivated individual and am always trying to improve my skills and knowledge outside of work and school through extra classes and reading.

Thank you for your consideration, and I genuinely hope I am extended the opportunity to express my enthusiasm for the position in person soon!

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