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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Moraine Lake Lodge


Customer services

Dear Human Resources Manager,

My name is Y G. I’m interested in several positions that was posted on the Moraine Lake Lodge website. They are breakfast sever/café attendant, café attendant/barista, fine dining server, and frond desk agent.

As you can tell from my resume, I do not have much work experience yet. But I also believe that I possess several outstanding assets. Firstly, I’m a goal-oriented person, eager to learn and a fast learner. Secondly, I have great language skills. I am fluent in Mandarin and proficient in English. Thirdly, I’m motivated in team activities, great at cooperate with other team members, and also I quickly adapt to diverse teams. And finally, I am available for the entire season, from late May to early October.

And I also believe these positions with Moraine Lake Lodge would benefit me in the meanwhile. I would have an opportunity to obtain excellent work experience in custom services and to improve my communication skills.

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss your needs and my skills.

Thank you for you consideration.



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