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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley


Summer Analyst

Morgan Stanley,

As a current Finance major of the ____ of Business and Management, I am eager to take the steps in the direction of building a value-full career. I have great interest in becoming a Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst. I look forward to the opportunity to work with such a renowned firm, where I am confident that my potential will be maximized and my growth will be exponential.

To my understanding the Morgan Stanley culture provides an environment to cultivate excellence, foster creativity, and encourage improvement. I am someone who allocates all of my time towards furthering my knowledge and skills, by relentlessly studying the industry and its professionals. The purpose of my research and studies is to develop a comprehensive outlook on financial markets and deals. I constantly challenge myself to research and understand different aspects of finance; I draw on these different perspectives and opinions to enhance my problem solving and analytical abilities. I believe I could be a valuable addition to the Morgan Stanley team; someone who could contribute greatly to the success of the firm and could use the firm’s resources, not only to self-improve, but to innovate.

I am most excited to gain exposure in the area of M&A; I am quite intrigued by the intricacies of negotiating a successful deal. I know that at Morgan Stanley I would have the opportunity to experience and participate in the logistics behind a merger or acquisition, and I am confidant that I could prove to be an effective player in a M&A situation; someone who will truly maximize the value of the client and the firm.

As a member of the Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division I could offer a creative problem solving approach, open-minded analysis, leadership abilities and very effective teamwork skills. To elaborate on my leadership qualities; I was the proprietor of a small ____ company where I hired and lead a small team and contracted a large base of ____ as weekly clients. In a separate organization I was manager of the ____ staff where I directly oversaw five employees, managed and maintained the grounds as well as all boats owned by the ___, managed an operating budget, and saw to the overall quality and efficiency of operations. My experiences in these roles shaped me to be a very useful and resourceful member of any team; I will demonstrate a strong ability to facilitate teamwork through understanding different perspectives, ideas and opinions, and form them into an effective outcome.

I have attached my resume, which will provide my academic record and relevant experiences. I can be reached at _________ or at ______. I look forward to hearing from you; thank you for your consideration.



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