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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley


Spring Week


I am writing to express my interest in obtaining a place on the Morgan Stanley 2015 EMEA Spring Insight Programme.

As an aspiring Economist, I am compelled to learn more about Morgan Stanley and identify potential career prospects that may be available once I have completed my Economics degree in 2017. Participation in a Spring Week would provide an invaluable insight into the workings of a successful banking institution that has demonstrated considerable success in addressing a plethora of financial, economic, political and management challenges over the past five years. Not only has Morgan Stanley been robust in its response to what was, and continues to be, a challenging economic environment, it has also generated a third quarter net revenue of $8.7 billion, significantly surpassing market expectations when compared with $8.1 billion generated in the same period last year. Results such as these demonstrate the ability to face head-on, a multitude of macro and microeconomic challenges and still deliver a superior performance. Morgan Stanley clearly has an exciting future, one that I aspire to be a part of.

Active participation in the Spring Insight Programme would not only expose me to the operational dynamics and interplay between the various functions within Morgan Stanley but would also lay the foundations for a prosperous career in banking. An area that particularly interests me is the role of the financial analyst working in areas such as asset and risk management, M&A and Global Capital Markets. I am keen to further develop my understanding of how analysts utilise sophisticated modelling and financial tools to interpret complex data. This is particularly relevant given the harsh economic conditions that Morgan Stanley had to navigate in the recent unpredictable economic climate.

I consider myself to be an astute and accomplished communicator with strong presentation skills and experience in managing and motivating teams in a variety of scenarios. Having gained a black belt in Taekwondo by the age of 16, this achievement has instilled in me a sense of discipline, stamina and an inner drive. I believe that all these skills are transferable to the professional workplace.

A copy of my CV has been attached for your reference. I would be grateful if you would consider me for a placement on the Morgan Stanley EMEA Spring Insight Programme.

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