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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Morgan Stanley


Investment Banking Analyst

Dear ABC,

I would like to apply for the Investment Banking Analyst position at your company. Being a fresh graduate from University of Texas, I am very energetic professional who is eager to learn and make valuable contribution at Morgan Stanley.
Morgan Stanley in among the leading investment banks in the world that invoke a sense of prestige and spirit to give the best efforts to uphold its bench-marked. The vastness of the different services and the art of its execution at every level from M&A to wealth management to investment banking is really fascinating. I believe provided with resources I can be a valuable part of the organization. 

While at UT I participated as an Analyst for the Investment Society,
a group of students who manage a portfolio for a non-profit
organization. It was a great experience that helped me to translate
financial and accounting theories into practice while polished my
detail-oriented analytical capabilities. I maintained a real-life
portfolio on the Heavy Machinery sector where I used a variety of parameters including the profitability and riskiness factors to build a model that measured the value of the stocks in the sector and subsequently compared them to the
market to recommend long, short or retaining positions.

Also, I started up a retail business from the scratch and converted it
into a successful profit generating retail store in less than 6
months. Understanding and developing business plan based on the unmet
needs of the customers was a good lesson to improve my interpersonal communication and goal-oriented management skills which I believe would help me to better perform as an analyst. 

I would love to discuss the opportunity in greater details with you
when we meet in person. Thank you for your consideration.



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