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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley


Investment Banking

Dear Human Resource Director of Morgan Stanley,

My name is XXXX, a third year Student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with majors in Finance and Marketing and minors in Anthropology and Economics. After having a deep conversation with representatives of Morgan Stanley during the recruitment talk in CUHK, I was deeply impressed by impactful and sustainable result you generate for each client, long dedication to local and global communities, and exceptional learning opportunities for interns. I am longing to pursue a full-time internship in Institutional Equities Division, and have enclosed my background information below.

This summer, I worked for Meritco Consulting Services and performed corporate strategy research for Wyeth by analyzing the supply side of the milk powder market through sophisticated quantitve research and hundreds of interviews. I have previously completed internships in MergerMarket Consulting Group, where I researched M&A deals in Asia Pacific on a daily basis, provided in-depth analysis of deal structure, PE activity, and cross-border M&A activity, conducted telephone interviews with managers of other firms. Through my work experience, I become a fast learner who have a thirst to learn more; I also have gained analytical and professional research skills, learned advanced knowledge on Excel and PowerPoint, and honed my team working and communication skills in a multinational company.

I am also an entrepreneurial, creative, and self-motivated person. I dedicated my past summer to my own startup company Chase Dream Co., an initiative to bring O2O online tutoring experience for Chinese students who wish to study aboard. Building it from scratch, I used to work more than 15 hours per day for several weeks without any compensation, and overcome the hardest time without a teammate and any revenue. From my startup experience, I gained valuable experience in customer relationship management, building corporate strategy, digital marketing, and discovering new business opportunities. My startup venture shaped me into a problem-solver who would precisely identify the fundamental problems, prioritize the tasks, and tackle problems step by step with logical methodology. More importantly, I grow to an impact maker who always strives to do my best. I lead the company to achieve yearly 150% increase in revenue for the past three years, with 200,000 rmb sales during the summer. Pitching our idea to investors and communicated with potential clients honed my presentation and communication skills and trained my ability to stay calm and confident under all circumstances.

What’s more, I am a person with intercultural mindset. Before I came to Hong Kong, I studied full time in a top university—University of Virginia; and last semester, I went to exchange in Georgetown University, where I actively involved myself in different student activities. I develop my interpersonal skills by quickly adapting to different environments, and I am open for any challenge in the future.

Given my research experience and startup background, I am a particularly good fit for this internship position. I wish to apply my theoretical knowledge in finance and combine them with strategic thinking and passion to make an impact. My multicultural background in both Hong Kong and United States could also enable me to interact with people in many languages on a daily basis. I hope I can contribute my analytical, problem solving, and innovations to generate contributions to the team.



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