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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley




Dear Sir or Madam,

Already very early on during my schooldays, I became very interested in banking and the financial markets through contacts and discussions with friends of our family that worked in investment banking and private equity. The global reach of the industry, the speed of doing business and the complexity of the issues very much appeal to me. As a politically active person (see below) I also appreciate the responsibility which - more than ever – comes with a role in a global investment bank such as Morgan Stanley.

During my research on the industry I found out about the unique opportunity of the Summer Insight Programme. Right away, and because of my experience I gained at a job interview at Morgan Stanley this January I was sure that I should really try and take the change to apply for this programme.

I am eager to learn more about the investment banking sector and what a typical business day of a professional looks like. I also think your Summer Insight Programme offers me a unique chance to do my first step into the finance sector.In addition to that I consider Morgan Stanley a very desirable employer because of its individual culture and the willingness to hand over responsibility at the early stages of a career.

I think that I work well in teams and I have therefore enjoyed engaging myself in various sports clubs as well as in Junge Union, which is the joint youth organisation of the two conservative German political parties. At Junge Union I have now been working as the head of organization for three years. Next year I am planning to apply for the role as president for my administrative district. My area of responsibility includes strategic planning, event marketing, calculating the costs of a certain event and putting together work teams that organize and lead upcoming events. In the last three years, I hosted several events like conferences, regional electoral campaigns and panel discussions.

Since I took responsibility the cash position increased by xxx € to an amount of xxx € which is twice the average of most comparable Junge Union administrative districts.

Due to my activities I demonstrate leadership and teamwork as well as communication and problem solving skills. During the Summer Insight Programme I look forward to deepen my academic knowledge and to make vital contacts with professionals working in investment banking. I also hope to get as many answers as possible to my pending questions. Therefore I will show passion and commitment to each of my assignments.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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