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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley




My name is William Tillman and I am an undergraduate student at Union College in which I am a double major of Economics and Africana Studies. I am highly interested in becoming intern as a summer analyst in the Wealth management division that your firm has to offer. The thought of assisting high net worth clients with investments, financial planning, and helping families who desire the assistance of a credential financial advisory specialist.

I want to earn a position as a summer analyst intern because it will equip me with a multitude of skills that cannot be learned in a classroom setting. This program is more than just learning one method of problem- solving in a specific sector and applying that continuously; this program is a stream of education that will guide me in future business prospects, and with Morgan Stanley prominent world-class reputation, and the knowledge that I will add to my arsenal will be evident. Although my background does not consist of skill in investment banking, wealth management, risk management, and sales and trade. My resume reflects that I have thrived in working in a variety of environments that consist of the tertiary sector. As a sales associate at Victoria's Secret, I managed to expedite revenue in the monopoly of women's apparel by simply being a male figure on the sales floor. I managed to leave behind my low economic class and placed myself into a top liberal arts college which illustrates that my potential and learning ability hold`s no constraints,

Even if my application is not accepted and I don`t earn the privilege of working at this firm, I still want to show my desire to obtain any knowledge I can through any unpaid work I can perform. I can travel to New York at any time with complete flexibility. Even if it`s a small coffee break or getting lunch, I understand the barriers of entry are high and I don`t have the credentials and ideal job titles. But I do base my work ethic around individualism and all I need is someone to look at the potential value in my stock as a worker. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this letter.

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