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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley



My degree in statistics and finance provides a focus on skills as a mathematician, which requires me to be a quick, methodical thinker and solution-oriented person. This is crucial in the banking industry because being able to manipulate and understand numbers and statistics efficiently is a key part of a banker's role. For Sales and Trading especially, these qualities would be useful in analyzing the markets quickly. In addition, the communication skills I have gained from volunteering would help explain my thoughts to clients. The creativity and perseverance of being a musician would also be beneficial to my performance in this role as I can perform well in a pressurized market. My propensity to take initiatives, demonstrated in my internship experience, is also relevant, as this is one of the core values in Morgan Stanley. Leadership and teamwork would improve quality of advice to clients as it provides direction whilst incorporating different perspectives to optimal solutions.

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