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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley




Dear Sir/ Madam

I am a xx year [degree] student at [university] and am interested in pursuing First Year Finance Internship at your firm. I have attached my C.V. in the application.

I am convinced that in the current regulatory scenario, the finance division has taken the central stage within Morgan Stanley, as proven by the two-fold increase in the number of employees in this division at your firm since 2007. Generally, their work in assessing risks in all activities of a bank has proven to be extremely essential for the bank’s activities. Moreover, the ability to build relationships and communicate with bankers from other divisions and the regulators, needed in this division’s employees, has convinced me that the finance division may be one of the most important divisions of the bank.

Having attended Morgan Stanley Company Presentation in my university, I’m adamant about working at Morgan Stanley. Hearing each inspiring person I met, like xxxx and xxxx, describe with unrestrained conviction their fulfilling careers and Morgan Stanley’s strict meritocracy ignited my lifelong dream of becoming the absolute best at my chosen career. I would like to begin this journey with your First Year Finance Programme.

Having experienced working in an investment bank with a regional influence, I would like to expand my experience by working at Morgan Stanley because of its global reputation. During my internship in the Investment Banking department of Akasam Consulting Private Limited, I worked on transactions involving different industrial sectors; improving my financial skills and understanding of those market sectors by conducting research, building reports, models and presentations. Moreover, I am extremely motivated to build upon the analytical skills I have developed through my engineering modules. Developing my numeracy and accuracy, through modules such as Mechanics and Aerothermodynamics; developing my teamwork, ability to work within deadlines and execution excellence in modules such as Design Management and Design Methods, in order to conduct research and build prototypes and business plan.

I’m particularly excited for the firm’s meritocracy; with my tireless learning abilities, desire to be constantly pushed and formidable work ethic (developed whilst working upwards of 14 hours a day during my summer internship), I would make sure I become the best in his field. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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