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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Mother


Advertisement Internship

Dear Mother London Recruiter

The reason why I am writing this outlet is because I would like to join your company.

I am graduating at the end of the year from Manchester Metropolitan University, as a result of a year-long exchange program in which I spent my final under-graduate year in a foreign university.

The course here in Manchester is [course], and more generally was [other programme, in other university]. The topics covered relate to economics and primarily to management practices; I was particularly drawn to the Marketing and Advertising field.

The reason I am interested in this field is because I became aware of how much creativity, dynamism, variety and intellectual challenge mean to me in the choice of my ideal work; and I believe I can find most of these characteristics in this area. Another important factor, I am very interested in interacting or trying to understand people; and I think that in the Marketing and Advertising field the “human factor” is particularly relevant and important.

Among your works, I particularly appreciated the “Cancer, We’re Coming to Get You” spot for Cancer Research UK, and the Stella Artois’s spot “Quest”.

I am a voracious reader and an observer, and I have, along with my Economics background, a former professional musician education. I am interested in art and culture in general, and particularly music, literature and philosophy. I have an international background; my year in UK, combined with my previous study of the language, has made me a fluent English speaker.

I like being intellectually challenged, to have responsibilities and to go into depth, and I think that working in Mother would offer me such possibility. I think your company would be the ideal place for me to begin my career, and I believe I could be an excellent addition to the team.

I am available for further information and for arranging an interview. I look forward to hearing from you.

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