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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at NGO


Programme Coordinator

To whom it may concern,

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am applying for the vacancy announced in for Programme Coordinator Education, in [city].

I am applying to this vacancy because I believe that I can make a significant contribution for IBIS and its education programmes. With my work experience as scientific coordinator in a local university I acquired knowledge about how to monitor activities previously planned and make necessary changes in their course to achieve the desired goals. At the same time, my experience as a researcher allowed me to acquire essential skills and knowledge to perform well in the position, both with regard to data gathering and processing, as well as with regard to planning and running activities and tasks and the subsequent production of reports. Finally, my qualification in education allows me to look at social development programmes in a holistic and sustainable manner in the sense that they are learning processes for targeted communities and groups so that they can face future challenges.

I will fell honoured if I am given this opportunity to help IBIS achieve its goals aimed at with this position.

Grateful for your consideration

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