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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at NYU


English (ESL) Teacher

I am responding to your call for English Language Lecturers, announced in TESOL’s Placement Bulletin, April 11, 2012.I am currently an English teacher at ..... University in China.As my contract ends on July 1, 2011, I am looking for my next rewarding position.I feel that my years of experience as a creative TESOL professional may be a good match for you.

My career as an English language educator has been somewhat unusual.I taught English as a second (or foreign) language for 20 years in many different settings and levels before earning my MA in TESOL last year. I taught immigrants in the U.S., international students in Intensive English Programs, and Spanish students in a private English academy in Spain.There was no better way to learn how to teach than by engaging students at every level in these varied settings.

During this time, I developed many new courses for all of the institutions that employed me.I taught every level of grammar, reading, writing, and conversation in addition to developing classes in drama, literature, and culture.Not only did I develop new courses, but I also designed the curriculum for the  Continuing Education program at ... College  .It was also during this time that I moved to Europe to write and develop multimedia materials for computer-assisted language learning and online learning.I wrote an award-winning CD-ROM adventure game and conducted one of the first distance writing courses for English language learners.I remained in the materials writing field after my three years in Europe, working first for major textbook publishers in multimedia and online learning.My projects focused on online business English courses, but I also edited grammar books and developed companion websites. Twenty years of teaching, publishing, and multimedia experience gave me a unique perspective on language learning.I understood the individual learner, the materials, and the global connection of online learning.

I finally got my chance to return for a Masters degree in TESOL in 2008.Although it is unusual to work first and seek a degree later, there are advantages.The latest theories and most recent work in second language acquisition were discussed in my classes.Years of teaching, curriculum writing, distance learning, and working abroad served me very well.I was able to understand how the theories of second language acquisition, applied linguistics, curriculum development, second language reading and writing, and cross-cultural communication were related to actual practice.Because I had teaching experience, I was selected to teach an undergraduate linguistics course for Education majors.It was designed to help K-12 classroom teachers work with non-native English speaking children.

When I graduated in May 2011, I was hired to work in China. My “innovative, creative background” caught the attention of ....  University.The foreign language department selected me to teach MA students in English Education, Applied Linguistics, and Interpreting and Translation.During this year, I have developed courses in Creative Writing, Culture, Public Speaking, English Teaching Methodology, and Drama.I have worked hard to establish professional but non-threatening relationships with my students so that they would relax and talk openly with me.I structure discussions and debates which get everyone in class involved in speaking and responding.I think that my Public Speaking class was particularly successful.The students researched topics of their choice and wrote outlines.The speeches were then rehearsed in class using a variety of drama techniques designed to promote confidence, appropriate energy and emotion, and engagement with the audience. I developed these techniques while teaching public speaking with culinary students in the U.S.

I am a versatile teacher and a realistic advisor.As you look over my resume, I believe you will see that my adaptability and varied experience make me a serious candidate who can meet the demands of NYU ALI. I look forward to hearing from you.


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