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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Nestle



am currently the marketing manager at ABC Promotions in Atlanta. My family and I have recently built our dream home here in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Although I am commuting 4 days a week to ABC in Atlanta and working at home 1 day a week, I would like to find a position as a marketing manager closer to my new home; therefore I am submitting my application and resume to XYZ Marketing, Inc. I hope you will consider my experience and the new innovations and additional value I can bring to ABC.
I have been the marketing manager at ABC for 3 years and prior to that I worked at a number of other Atlanta firms in sales, business development, client relations and corporate communications. Aside from traditional marketing strategies I have experience with program implementation, project and product management and e-commerce. I am highly skilled at keeping my team focused, motivated and on target to meet every deadline. I have spearheaded public relations campaigns for both non-profit and corporate organizations, conducted market research and analysis and implemented programs that decreased costs while increasing revenues.
I am a detail oriented individual with exceptional computer and technology skills. I am an effective leader and have strong interpersonal skills as well. I am able to direct every phase of a product’s development from initial conception to release into the public arena.I have excellent organizational skills, am a good time manager and an effective multi-tasker. I have handled clients all over the country as well as a few clients that are located in Europe.

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