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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Nielsen


Research Analyst

As a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration, I was excited to hear about the Research Analyst position at Nielsen. I am very impressed by the significant and diverse responsibilities Nielsen offers in a wide range of industries. More importantly, Nielsen’s commitment to delivering creative and sustainable solutions and strong insights to its vast array of customers is a value that I deeply appreciate and hope to be a part of. While my strong academic background and experiences have allowed me to develop solid research and analytical skills, it is my desire to further develop my knowledge of the industry while working on a team committed to fostering strong relationships with clients. I believe that through my past experiences and opportunities that I have been given, I have been able to develop skills that would allow me to work in a fast-paced and cooperative environment, which distinguishes me as an excellent candidate for the position at Nielsen

The strong research and analytical abilities that I have developed will allow me to be a strong candidate for the research analyst I was able to fully develop my research and analytical through conducting due diligence processes for client companies throughout my time at XXX. As an investment analyst, I excelled at reviewing and preforming due diligence and conducting in-depth financial and industry analysis on various capital goods, manufacturing, and consumer goods companies. Following my initial success, I was given increased responsibility, including creating annual analytical reports on the latest relevant industries and possible investment risk and merits. I was able to help underwrite pricing, credit, and authorization memos for debt issuances to our clients that not only helped to develop my analytical skills as well as solidify my written communication abilities. I believe that the skills I learned will provide me with a strong analytical foundation needed in a career in consulting industry.

I have also had the opportunity to not only develop my analytical skills but also fine-tune my ability to work under a time constraint, collaborate in a team setting, take initiative and foster communication amongst team members. As the community service chair of YYY, I was in charge of arranging a large-scale community outreach event called XXX for 800+ parents and children with no budget. With one month to plan and a six-person team, I was able to foster effective communication between each individual to successful plan this event. I ensured that I was able to communicate with all of my team members to track their progress and to listen and address their concerns and suggestions. In the end, we were able to obtain adequate donations, sponsorships, foods, and game supplies that sufficed for six hundred children. My ability to work in a team cooperatively as I demonstrated during my time as the community service chair will enable me to work easily with different groups as well as adapt to unprecedented challenges that may arise. The role requires teamwork as well as working with various types of people and situations. With my ability to remain flexible and work in teams, these skills will serve me to be a successful team member at Nielsen

I hope to speak with you in the near future regarding my qualifications for this position. Please reference my attached resume for further information regarding my previous experiences. Thank you for your consideration and please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you in the near future.



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