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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Nomura


IBD Spring

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently a first year undergraduate at De Montfort University studying BA Accounting and Finance; I believe my degree will give me theoretical understanding I need, combing my studies with a real practical insight will enable me to excel further in developing my skills and knowledge. I was introduced to Investment Banking two years ago through a journey I embarked on via CMC trading platform trading the financial markets, FOREX and Gold specifically. It was through my experience that I met someone who told me about investment banking, having no previous knowledge I was eager to explore this industry and then discovered there were many different areas within an investment bank. I recently attended the Bright Network Festival, followed by a number of networking opportunities and Q&A panels discussions, I was very impressed with what I had learned from the event and it was a great opportunity to speak to Nomura’s employees about their experiences and what skills they had managed to gain as professional individuals. Having only just discovered spring weeks and the opportunities gained from them I felt immediately compelled to apply for the 2016 Explore Nomura Spring Programme. I see this opportunity within Nomura as an excellent foundation to expose myself into the financial industry and develop my understanding of Nomura’s culture and values.

One area I am interested in exploring is Nomura’s corporate infrastructure, finance division. As an accounting and finance student I recognise the current economic climate has demonstrated the need for more prudent financial management; therefore my aim is to gain an invaluable insight into the corporate infrastructure of Nomura. This insight programme will enable me to demonstrate my analytical and communication skills, I look forward to working in a challenging environment and collaborating with like-minded individuals. I admire Nomura’s vision in “connecting markets east & west” with their personable approach to tailoring its services to clients needs; Nomura grows with its clients and that really appeals to me as I share the same philosophy as Nomura in that “Placing our clients at the heart of everything we do”, in perspective as an accounting and finance representative for the De Montfort University business school, it is my responsibility to make sure students come first and that the growth of the university and its students grow together in creating a better environment.

I was a team leader at a reputable retail company in its largest UK store, it was my responsibility to develop the team and improve company growth. As a team leader I embraced my team by supporting my colleagues in professional training and future lead projects, upholding my integrity whilst delivering excellence in customer service and by being actively involved in company campaigns. As a team leader it was important to me that employees were included in the future of the business and that their voices and ideas were heard. Creating incentives to boost moral encouraged employees to deliver a better service, which resulted in future promotions. The experience of working with different types of people really shaped me as an individual, as I learnt how to address a variety of different people both concisely and respectfully. One of my best attributes is my accepting of challenging circumstances. In a previous work experience I had encountered on many occasions, managing and leading teams of 60 employees by myself, thriving off the pressure and my ability to think quickly resulted in the one store I worked at, to accumulate £30k in one day for two consecutive days making that the highest sales growth ever achieved in the UK within the company. It is through my experiences that I want to add value to a company and I see no better company to do that with other than Nomura.

Researching into Nomura and understanding the values the company has to offer really motivated me to apply for the Spring Programme. I feel that by being given the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of business functions would be a very exciting experience, which will hopefully allow me to demonstrate my leadership, team working and problem solving skills in the working environment alongside with discovering new opportunities for me in the world of finance. It is with great pleasure I am submitting my application to you and I look forward to building and sustaining long lasting relationships.

I appreciate you considering my application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

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