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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Nomura


Summer analyst

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my interest for a place on the Credit Suisse Equities – Sales, Trading and Structuring Summer Internship. I am currently a 2nd year Economics BSc Student at LSE and have high ambitions to pursue a career in Sales and Trading at a world leading Investment Bank.

The extremely dynamic and fast-paced environment within the Markets Division appeals to my competitive nature. I am very passionate about financial markets and actively follow a number of markets with profound interest. I couple this with my knowledge of Economics to manage my own trading account using an Economic events trading strategy. My recent work experience at UBS Investment Bank, provided an insight into market-making and the issuance of securities, stimulating my particular interest in this area of the Investment Bank. Given the recent stock market volatility, giving rise to a post-recession record breaking surge in the Volatility Index (VIX) this is a particularly interesting time to work in this business division. I look forward to learning how Credit Suisse, plan to manage this risk and innovate with financial products to hedge against the current market instability.

The Bank places enormous importance on developing and nurturing junior talented employees, with unparalleled training and opportunities to learn from some of the industry’s best instructors. The firm’s reputation as a world leading Investment Bank, driven by the talent and innovation of its employees provides an unrivalled learning experience for interns. The most attractive characteristic about working for Credit Suisse is the unique working culture. A working environment in which loyalty, meritocracy and hard work are righteously rewarded is inspiring. Furthermore, Credit Suisse places great emphasis on team-work and diversity to create an inclusive working environment, which one day I hope to be part of.

-Involvement with emerging markets

A particularly appealing aspect of the Nomura Summer internship is the opportunity to explore both Fixed Income and Equities side of the Global Markets Division. This provides the widest learning opportunity to learn from industry leading instructors across a range of asset classes.

One of my main strengths is my analytical skills. I demonstrated my analytical capabilities when working at Accenture in conducting a market feasibility study to assess the viability of investment decisions in the Indonesian energy sector. Furthermore, this project significantly improved my Excel and Bloomberg skills. My academic background has also helped me to further develop economic-related analytical and quantitative skills. Given the correlation between economic data and market movements, these skills are critical in Sales & Trading. My role as Marketing Officer last year, and Director of Marketing, this year, for the Alternative Investments Conference, has significantly improved my strategic decision making, teamwork, communication and leadership skills. Representing LSE for Cricket and Football, has also helped to instil a competitive and team-work focused nature in my approach to work, that will provide a strong core to thrive at Credit Suisse.

Interning at Credit Suisse would be a fascinating experience and I would give my best to contribute to the firm’s success.

Yours faithfully,

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